Help make reasonable decisions. Fast.

by configuring the Interactive Consultant

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Build legal assistants

Quickly develop interactive apps to help make legal decisions

Build configurators

To find feasible solutions that meet customer requirements

Write executable specifications

Formalize domain knowledge in FO-dot, and verify it interactively with experts

For Engineers

Capture the knowledge of your experts, and improve it as your team learn. By configuring the Interactive Consultant, Flanders Make has developed a Glue Selection assistant, for the benefits of beginners and experts alike !

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For Legal Professionals

Rules and regulations are complex, and change often. Formalize them in FO(.), and let users choose the right course of action.

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Why use the Interactive Consultant

Truly declarative

You formalize the laws of your field using familiar notations. And that's it.

It only asks relevant questions

Our algorithm determines what matters.

It reasons with partial information

It will find the consequences of what the user enters.


It verifies that decisions satisfy the laws of the field.


It reasons at the speed of light.

Low development cost

Re-use generic components, such as the smart user interface.